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Draupadà is now at the age of praying for code. King Drupada still has Arjuna's brave admiration, hoping he will come, and make an enormous bow. Jobros the one where the band gets back together. To win, the contestant must be able to raise that bow and aim to make the arrow pierce a rotating disk, and hit the eye of a goldfish as the target. Among the four princes and magnificent men came to propose, Dur-yodhana and Karna were present. When Karna raised her bow and shot, the bow was about to let go and could hit the target, Draupad shouted that she would never marry the son of a mediocre chariot. Karna shyly gave up. In turn to others, all failed. Finally, Arjuna, in the brahmin's uniform, proceeded to raise her bow and hit the target easily. Princess Draupadaid gave him a victory wreath and expressed her consent. The princes of the warrior class who came to propose were dissatisfied because they did not want to let a person of Brahmin class humiliate. Luckily Krishna was in time to settle the peace.

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